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Dr. Celine McNelis-Kline, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Dr. McNelis-Kline’s specialties include adolescent and developmental studies and sport and performance psychology. While serving as the director of the Boston University Wellness Center, Dr. McNelis-Kline created and developed life skill based leadership programs for both high school and college age population. Synthesizing experiential learning methods combined with performance enhancement techniques, Dr. McNelis-Kline developed and created the Areté Leadership Experience. The Areté Leadership Experience was Dr. McNelis-Kline’s dream of creating a space where young people could explore their strengths as human beings and connect with others in an accepting and growth promoting fashion – basically Utopia for a week. Through this program, hundreds of young people have created pathways to achieve their personal potential as human beings.

In addition to developing  the Areté Leadership Experience, Dr McNelis-Kline has also developed a program called Pedal It Forward  which is a weekend event that focuses on the needs of children and youth in Marathon County area.  Pedal It Forward is a cycling event that raises money for local youth to help them have  access to participate in after school activities that can further develop their confidence and life skills.

 Dr. McNelis-Kline is also the founder and former director of the Certificate and Master’s Program in Sport Psychology at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology and is a certified Sport Psychology consultant. Currently, Dr McNelis-Kline is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Steven’s Point and is the director of the Therapeutic Life Coaching Program. Dr. McNelis-Kline has integrated both her love of fitness and wellness with her desire to help people achieve peak performance in their own lives by combing fitness expertise with educational training in sport and performance psychology. Dr. McNelis-Kline earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Adelphi University, a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Boston University.


Katie Kilty, Ed.D. Associate Professor, Endicott College; Performance Consultant, MindPower Resources

Katie Kilty, Ed.D. is an Associate Professor of Sport Management at Endicott College and Adjunct Faculty in Physical Education, Health and Coaching at Boston University. She holds a doctoral degree in Counseling and Developmental Studies with a specialty in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Boston University. Areas of expertise in teaching include sport in society, performance psychology, sport enterprise and organizational dynamics. She was recently nominated by the students for the Excellence in Teaching Award.

In addition to teaching, Katie is the principal of MindPower Resources where she provides services in consulting and performance counseling for coaches, teams, and individual athletes at the elite, collegiate and developmental levels. Katie has devoted more than 20 years to developing, implementing and researching experiential curricula specifically designed to stimulate sustained behavioral change. She has worked with more than 3000 professionals to improve their performance through one-on-one consulting and delivery of over 600 specialized seminars. Focusing on all human dimensions affecting performance, she motivates clients to understand and overcome mental blocks and barriers to success. Her areas of expertise include team development, facilitative leadership and sustainable women’s leadership, relational-cultural theory and social emotional intelligence on the playing field and in the corporate culture. 

Katie has worked with several Olympic teams in the United States and internationally. She has published several articles and a book titled Creating Healthy Habits: An Adventure Guide to Teaching Health and Wellness. Her work with multicultural awareness was featured on The Teen Files: The Truth About Hate. She has cultivated a long term professional relationship with the Navajo Nation promoting health and wellness throughout the native communities. Katie was an invited speaker at the United Nation’s International Year of Sport and Physical Education in 2005 conference on Effecting Social Change Through Women’s Leadership in Sport. She has also consulted, facilitated and presented in a variety of private, public and nonprofit environments throughout the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe. She serves on several professional committees and is an active volunteer. Katie’s most recent passions are writing a book on the management of elite sport and as a member of advisory council for the Lake Placid Sport Forum, working to effect change in creating a healthier approach to youth sport.


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